For every baby born a Maine resident since 2013, the Alfond Scholarship Foundation invests a $500 Alfond Grant for his or her future qualified higher education expenses. The Alfond Scholarship Foundation invests these funds until the child is ready to use them. The Alfond Grant can be used to pay for higher education expenses at eligible higher education institutions and must be used by the child’s 28th birthday. (learn more)

Maine babies born between 2009 and 2012 (and 2008 MaineGeneral-born babies) receive the Alfond Grant if a NextGen account was opened prior to the child’s first birthday. Children born before 2013 for whom a NextGen account was not opened by the first birthday deadline are no longer eligible for the Alfond Grant. (learn more)

Eligibility is initially determined by reports from the Maine Bureau of Vital Records (BVR). Children born on or after January 1, 2013 whose births were not reported by the Maine BVR can prove Maine residency at birth with documentation acceptable to FAME and Alfond Scholarship Foundation. A child who was not born a Maine resident may be eligible for an Alfond Grant if he or she is listed as the beneficiary of a NextGen account that is opened on or before the child’s first birthday, and the child is a Maine resident at the time the account is opened. The Alfond Grant will then be linked to the NextGen account established for the child. (learn more)