$500 Alfond Grant for Maine Babies!

Every baby born a Maine resident on or after January 1, 2013 now has a $500 Alfond Grant automatically invested for his or her higher education expenses.* That means a head start on a bright future! A NextGen account for a Maine resident baby who is eligible for the Alfond Grant may be opened without the required initial contribution.

Open a NextGen Account NOW and start preparing for your baby’s future!

NextGen is a Section 529 College Investing Plan, which many families use to plan for higher education expenses.

NextGen offers many investment options in two separate series. The NextGen Client Direct Series is available for people who want to make their own investment choices. The NextGen Client Select Series is available for those investors who want to work with a financial advisor. Each series has its own fees and expenses. Some of the same investment options are available in both series.


Learn how to make the most of your child's $500 Alfond Grant