Parent Resources for your 5 – 7 year-old child



  1. Create a Book Together Fold pieces of paper in half and staple them to make a book. Ask your child to write sentences on each page and add illustrations
  1. I Read to You, You Read to Me Take turns reading aloud at bedtime.
  2. Once is Not Enough Encourage your child to re-read favorite books and poems—especially any Raising Readers books you received from your healthcare provider! Re-reading helps kids read more quickly and accurately.
+Science & Math

Science & Math

  1. Smells The fresh food aisles of the market contain many new and exciting smells. And smell is an important tool for science. Spend a few moments near the apples and take a deep breath. “Do apples smell the same as melons? Let’s find out.”
  2. Weighing Produce Wonder aloud: “I wonder which is heavier, these five apples or these five pears?” Ask your child to help you answer the question using the scales in the produce department. The scale is a ‘real world’ science tool!
  3. Comparison Shopping Ask your child to find something on your list, such as skim milk. Then together compare the nutritional labels of skim milk with whole milk, noting the differences.


  1. Picking Healthy Snacks Try making this healthy snack with your child: Peel a banana and spread peanut butter over it. Roll in granola or other cereal. Enjoy!
  1. Let’s Go Help your child practice “5-2-1-0” daily at home! Eat five fruits and vegetables, NO MORE than two hours of screen time, one hour of physical activity and zero sugary drinks.
  1. Family Mealtime Do not underestimate the importance of family mealtime; take time to sit down together.


  1. Setting Goals Tell your child how you make choices about what you need versus what you want to purchase – and how you set goals for each.
  2. Want vs. Need Ask your child to think of an item they would like to start saving for, like a new bike. Ask them: do they need it or want it?
  3. Money Saving Tips Talks with your child about how much money they will need to save for the item they choose – and help them make a plan for saving their allowance money towards it.